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We are Glad to Announce the Sean and His Jeep as Winner of Feature My Beast. His Jeep that Looks a Complete Off-road Monster and is for sure an attention-grabbing vehicle which is far better as compared to Modern Suv’s Today.

How Did It Start?

Sean Purchased a used Jeep from a repo lot back in 2013 completely stock with 76k. and used it stock since till 2018, But last year He decided to build it and give it an awesome look.

What all Changes he Did?

He Installed a 4-inch super lift kit with Bilstein 5100 shock with 285/70/17 cooper tires on American Outlaw Off-Road Wheels on Jeep Cherokee, Jba upper control arms and Jba quick disconnects a custom retrofit headlights from BAMF Customs and Steel armadillo front skid plate actually give His Jeep a Clean and Aggressive Off-Road Look.

He started this build because He likes the body style of this Grand Cherokee and wanted to see how well it’s system could handle the Colorado trails, and Honestly, He nailed it.

He is building His Jeep as an Over landing rig and have spent in around 3.5 – 4k with lift, tires, and wheels and spent another 1k on UCAS and quick disconnects and also for the skid plates and is very happy with my vehicle because it has been so much fun to build it.

He will keep his jeep to up-to-date and will modify it from time to time and will keep posting Images of Instagram, You can follow Sean to See Amazing Mods on His Jeep and if you are curious to know what’s his next mod, make sure you follow him on Instagram.

For any information regarding the Build, you can DM Sean on His Instagram Account.